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Four Decades Jewelry

Wholesale custom jewelry design, manufacturing, repairs and more.


We're here to serve you, if you can't find the information you are looking for please give us a call.

Pricing is not available online at this time due to the unpredictability and fluctuation of precious metal pricing.


Most repairs can be ready for pick up within a week.

All repair services are completed in house, on time and on budget. We have a fully staffed shop with a combined total of over a 100 years of experience on the bench, give us a call today!

Laser welding, stone setting, bead stringing, machine engraving, soldering, assembling, alterations, custom parts, you name it we can do it. If there is a job that others can't do, we are where they send you. 

Casting precious metals

Gold and silver centrifugal or vacuum casting is done at least once per week. Our casters have spent years studying metallurgy and cast just about any precious alloy under the sun.

Whether large or small, unique or in batches, we can get great castings that will last. No minimum order required.

Platinum and true palladium casting is ‚Äčnot available in house at this time, but we have several reputable casting houses that we work with to keep these beautiful metals within reach.

Unfortunate, non-precious alloy selection is limited to protect our jewelers' health.

Computer Aided Designs 

Whether you have a sketch or a photo cut out of a magazine; we're here to help you make the perfect design for your store or client come to life! Maybe you have your own program and need someone to fine tune your work or all you need is someone to do the design and your store can handle the rest. Whether we do it all or just a little bit, we can help as much (or as little) as you'd like. You can send us your completed file to simply run the wax on the milling or growing machine (yes we have a 3D printer).

Wholesale Only

We are NOT the competition

Retail is hard, wholesale is harder. We are a wholesale only shop, taking in retail customers by referral only. Meaning; we will take on retail customers that have a difficult project or repair that otherwise could not be done (or very difficult to do) without talking to us directly. It is our policy to recommend the store closest to any retail customers that call in; long standing store clients will always be at the top of our referral list.

Lapidary Services

We now offer stone cutting services

Pictured is a more complex quartz repair. Please send us an email or drop by to show us your repair or custom cutting job and we can give you a quote and timeline.